Thai Gold

With roots tracing back to 1780, the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok is one of the must-see sights for any visitor to the capital city of Thailand. 

Located in the vicinity of the impressive Grand Palace, this inspiring complex is home to one of the largest reclining Buddhas in the world. This impressive 160-ft. long statue is the centerpiece of the temple, seemingly squeezed into a tiny structure that permeates enlightened energy and striking works of traditional religious art. Covered in gold leaf, the magnificent Buddha was also designed with inlaid mother-of-pearl and other precious stones to create a true representative image of the enlightened being.   

Wat Pho is also historically the first public university in Thailand, continuously handing down the traditions of Thai medicine, massages and yoga to this day. These medical references can be seen represented throughout the temple with antique carved plaques commissioned in the 19th century alongside other works of art. A real treat, visitors to the temple can even book a number of affordable healing massage treatments offered in the school building. 

A great photo opp also awaits in a small garden adjacent to the main temple where a Bodhi tree said to have originated from the original tree in India where Buddha sat while awaiting enlightenment is planted.