Boutique-Ing In Lima

The Arts Boutique Hotel B is Lima’s answer to the needs of lover of intimate hotel experiences.

Recently inaugurated, the property stands in an early 20th century mansion that was once the second home of a wealthy Peruvian family. 

Located in the elegant and artsy seaside neighborhood of Barranco, 17 uniquely designed rooms and layouts offer guests luxurious accommodations rivaling those of the hippest boutique Berlin hotel. Some rooms even have striking free-standing bathtubs worth asking for while you sip on a glass of champagne during check-in. 

The hotel’s intimate restaurant features Peruvian-mediterranean fusion dishes such as avocado, anchovy and olive oil bruschetta; and watermelon, feta and black olive pizza. 
There’s also a library bar decorated – like much of the rest of the property – with fine furnishings, and the perfect mix of classic and contemporary art. Best part? The hotel staff arranges for complimentary tea and finger foods in the afternoon for guests. Just pretend you’re a part of the family and you’re having friends over for tea. A little day dreaming never hurt anyone.