Truffles in Città di Castello


A few weeks ago we were sitting around on a Saturday morning with an itch to explore a new town in the outskirts of Florence. Looking at a map, we thought about heading to Perugia, but the idea of spending the day in a big city exhausted us. We were definitely in a laid back mood. And so we landed on Città di Castello, which has plenty of things to do. 

This tiny town about an hour and forty five minutes from Florence is located in Umbria. 
Like everything in Italy Città di Castello has a rich history and artistic tradition, dating back to Roman times. If you visit, you can explore the remains of Pliny the Younger's villa, as well as a series of beautiful Medieval and Renaissance era buildings and churches that have a little bit of a Florentine air to them from an architectureal standpoint (primarily because so many of the city's greats came to work here, such as Raffaello and Vasari). 

But the real star of our day was a visit to Trattoria Lea. This unassuming restaurant is a local celebrity, and is known primarily for its truffle-only menu.

Yes, you read that right.

The place has a huge list of dishes created with either white or black truffles (hint: go for the white, which is harder to find). We stuffed our faces on a lunch which consisted of Bruschetta with Black Truffle, a primo of Tagliatelle with Shaved White Truffle, a secondo of Bistecca with White Truffle all washed down with two liters of delicate white wine, and a creamy Tiramisu. If you go, make sure you make a reservation way ahead in advance as they get booked quickly. 

Needless to say, our Saturday excursion was a complete success, with both our minds and bellies content.

Trattoria Lea, Via S. Florido, 88, Città di Castello. Phone: +39 075 8521678