Boca Raton: God's Waiting Room is No More

Either all of the old people slowly dozing off to die moved onto another existential plane, or it may simply be the fact that Boca Raton, Florida has been transforming itself into a destination for modern families, couples and vacation seekers.

Away from the hustle-and-bustle of Miami, but close enough to drive down for lunch and back, the chic city's historic Boca Raton Resort & Club recently underwent an entire rebrand under the Waldorf Astoria flag. And the result is quite a stunner.  


Designed by Addison Mizner - a legendary architect credited for creating a unique style of Spanish Revival architecture in the 1920s - the Boca Raton Resort & Club is an imposing and elegant structure located on the city's inter-coastal. The property is located a 5-minute private boat ride to the beach and it's adjacent more modern beach club. 

An expansive resort, the elegant building complex retains many of the original Spanish Revival details such as colonial-inspired wood panels and carvings (now whitewashed), alongside Moorish design details influenced by Southern Spain. 

With countless restaurants (literally couldn't count), a vast array of dining options are available to guests, ranging from causal beachside dining, to a chic Morimoto restaurant suited for New York's Meatpacking District, to The Blue located on the resort's 27th floor - the tower's - and Boca Raton's - highest point.

Golf courses, a pristine beach, extra-large pools, a fitness center and of course shopping give even the least dysfunctional of families the perfect excuse to get away from one another.   


With a number of room and suite options, the iconic Boca Resort & Club tower's suites are nicely sized with modern and simple furnishings. An interesting departure from the more elaborate main resort's more ornate interior design features, anything more than simple would distract from the jaw-dropping view over Boca Raton and the Atlantic Ocean. 

And yes, we loved the Ferragamo toiletries. 


A majestic spa with expansive ritual baths, saunas and a private adult's only pool are the real jewel of the resort and are not to be missed. What could be considered an exaggeratedly large and impersonal spa turns out to be an intimate experience transporting visitors into a serene and much-needed respite from the world. The masseuses on-staff have the hands of angels, likely handpicked by the spa gods.