A Florence Retreat

The staff over at Alisú headquarters has a serious addiction problem. To luxury travel. And it has been tough for us to break free from the pampering and comforts of doing traveling as traveling was meant to be done (who doesn't love to travel across India on a train that makes the Titanic's first class lounge look like a dump?). 

But recently, we've ventured out to check out - gasp - the Airbnb trend. We know we're late to the game, and we're more than fine with it! 

In New York, we found a hipster's haven amidst the chaos of bustling Williamsburg. In Paris, we found a luxurious mansion fit for Josephine Bonaparte. And most recently, in Florence, we found a shockingly modern space tucked away in the Renaissance streets of the San Frediano neighborhood. 

Staying in San Frediano - one of the most peaceful, quaint and creative areas of Florence - is a real treat. Aside from exploring the Oltrano’s hidden and charming streets, this side of the Florentine river holds quite a few attractions including the famed Pitti Palace museum complex and the royal Boboli Gardens, the Santa Maria del Carmine Church, the Santo Spirito Piazza (the center of true Florentine nightlife), and the San Frediano and Porta Romana Gates, where you can see the original medieval city walls.  

We were shocked at the ease and convenience of traveling and not staying at a hotel. And although there is no personal butler there to unpack your suitcases for you, the space is yours to transform into your own home and pretend you're a real local for the duration of your holiday.  

So go ahead, give this little Florentine Airbnb gem a try and live like a local for once, taking luxury Airbnb into your own hands. It won't make you break into withdrawal sweats. 

Our little Florentine Apartment in San Frediano. Book your night by following this link

Source: www.airbnb.com/rooms/6008263