Taking on East London

Intimidated by the ultra hip East London scene? Well if you can't beat them, join them.

Start off your day of transformation with a light breakfast and shopping at Spitalfields Market, on the outskirts of London proper.

Then, right before lunch, walk around the historic streets of the once-seedy neighborhood until you find a charming Georgian townhouse dating back to 1750 at 41 Artillery Road. You have reached The Drawing Room.

The Drawing Room is a charming and understatedly elegant hair salon housed in a complex of rooms meant to soothe the nerves of city-folk on a coffee (well, tea, most likely) binge. The salon is run by a group of friendly style experts with their fingers on the East London pulse. And that's quite a strong pulse.

The team has a philosophy of sharing their expert knowledge with the utmost care for the essence and personality of the sitter, ensuring everyone leaves with a love for a new haircut that is not only East London approved, but also easy-to-recreate at home.

The Drawing Room welcomes first comers with a generous 20% discount, and an introduction to a range of hair care products sold at this gorgeous space, including the newly arrived Oribe line.