Vintage Fiorentine Threads

Solid Italian vintage shops in Florence are hard to come by. And the few locales that do exist sprinkled around the historic center of this fabled Tuscan capital do tend to carry unique items but at offensive mark-ups. A standout shop worth checking out, however, is Desii Vintage.

With separate men's and women's locations close to Florence's version of Fifth Avenue (Via Tornabuoni), the men's store really struck our eye during a visit. The eclectic collection of vintage and new items from highbrow brands from around the globe impress even the most rugged shopping warrior. In addition to shirts, pants, full suits, and accessories, the store has a gorgeous collection of vintage suitcases and briefcases ideal for transporting all of the loot to the new world. 

(Desii Vintage - Via De Conti 17/19/21r, Florence, Italy)

Rip it Open

Whatever happened to the art of letter opening? Instead of using an index finger to rip open a love letter from a lover thousands of miles away (or an electricity bill), consider investing in a stylish letter opener., the online auction retailer, has a nicely-curated selection of vintage and antique objects d'art to consider, including a beautiful sterling silver Gucci letter opener/magnifying glass combo from the 1970s.