Keeping it Safe

Aristocrat Englishmen living in India during the Raj were some stubborn men (to say the least). A bunch of sassy lads, these dapper gentlemen wore stunning wristwatches that were to be taken off only with brute force. They were so attached to their watches, that even during polo matches, the costly timepieces would stay on their wrists and - undoubtedly - get shattered.

In comes César De Trey in the early 1930s, a watchmaker visiting India who was challenged to come up with a design for a timepiece that could sustain even the roughest of polo matches. Once back in his native Switzerland, Trey rounded up a group of entrepreneurial minds consisting of Jacques-David LeCoultre, the French firm Jaeger S.A, and a designer named René-Alfred Chauvot, who collectively produced the first Jaeger-Lecoutre Reverso watch, now a timeless (no pun intended) classic.  

The watch has a simple design element that allows the face of the watch to be reversed and ultimately protect the glass side of the timepiece. The backside was originally used to include a strong metal facade with unique designs, which eventually went onto outliving its original purpose and how has many design functions, including a "window" into the mechanics of the perfect Swiss watch.  

All in all, although the British Raj only lasted until 1947, the Reverso has endured decades of generational whims and extreme aesthetic preferences, perfect for every occasion. 

Popping Bulletts

Bullett Media, owners of the creative agency and publishers of the eponymous jet-setter favorite magazine, have set up a pop up shop above their headquarters in New York City's TriBeCa neighborhood. 

The space is filled with edgy and unique clothing, accessories, and household items for sale. Open now through August, you never know what international fashionistas you may run into there. Check out some of the bold items featured in the store below. 

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Gladiators of Fashion

One of our favorite trends this year is women sporting fashionable cuffs in all sorts of shapes, colors and styles.

A sign of gladiator-grade fashionista strength, these easy-to-wear accessories quickly transform any look from simple to bold. Check out some of our favorites below!   

5 Questions With: El Salvador of Style

Meet Gerardo Dominguez. An El Salvadorian-born freelance hair & make up artist and all-around creative genius.

With a chair at the NYC Japanese hair salon Hoshi Coupe East Village, Gerardo is not only a master with the scissors and couture (he creates most of his own ensembles), but also doubles up as a personal therapist, confidante and all-around bundle of joy to be around.   

We dropped by this week to say hi and ask him five questions. 

How did you become involved in styling? 

I grew up in el Salvador listening to Madonna. My dream was to one day move to New York City to become a celebrity stylist and one day get to work with Madonna herself.

[Editor's note: this WILL happen] 

Where do you draw inspiration for your work? 

I generally draw inspiration from a mixture of things. For example, exotic birds and nature. I love exploring their unique colors and shapes as a way to get ideas for new and unique hair style dimensions. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I describe my style as "urban street fashion"... A mix of clothing. Without a definitive masculine or feminine gender as I combine both in a modern and elegant way. For me, gender doesn't exist if you truly know how to combine. 

What is your favorite hairstyling trend at the moment? 

For men, I like the Williamsburg effect ... Sharp and hipster. For women, I like sun-kissed highlights. Just a slight touch to bring out a client's natural beauty.   

If you were a prisoner on death row, what would be your last meal request?

I would probably order fresh red grapefruit juice, grilled tuna fish & pomegranate seeds with a little bit of spice and lime on the side, and a red quinoa salad. 

Ready for Fall

Forget spring and summer! We're already looking forward to seeing women rock some of our favorite coats this fall coming out of the New York and London shows this month.

We've curate a little selection of what's to come, including a classic Mayfair look from Victoria Beckham, an edgy downtown New York silhouette from The Row, and an out-of-this-world hooded jacket from Threeasfour.   

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