5 Questions With: The Mystery Handbag Designers

A mysterious New York City-based couple is quickly rising to the top of the handbag and accessories world with a refreshing line called RYE. The minimalist yet powerful statement pieces for women (and now men) are handmade regionally with stunning materials, adding a strong visual statement to practically every look.

We sat down with the camera shy design duo to ask them five questions about our latest fashion obsession. 

What is your point of view from a design perspective? 

We are very much inspired by nature, textures and architectural patterns. For us, it´s all about clean form, functionality, and the feel of materials. We are very hands-on and love to experiment directly with leathers and patterns. This is how we create most of our shapes. 

What kind of unique materials do you use to make your stunning pieces?

We feel very proud of working with amazing tanneries in Italy, Spain, France and Argentina to develop our leathers. Our leathers and furs always have great a great feel with interesting textures and modern finishes. 

What is new this month for RYE and what is different about this season? 

Our Spring collection has fresh colors with different textures. We just added fun products that have hand painted elements, keyrings, credit card wallets and furry clutches that you can wear all year long! 

This month we will also be introducing something for our RYE men!

As a dynamic duo, how do you influence each other's work?

We both think and approach things differently but our core aesthetic is very similar. We try to use our differences to make us better and we let each other do what each does best. It is a true collaboration and it's fun!...most of the time! 

If you were both on death row, what would your last meal be. You'd have to share, because, obviously, you're in it together! 

We love food way too much...this was a hard question! We settled on Molletes and Rib-eye.