Learning to Sew: Merenda in Sartoria


Florence never ceases to surprise and delight us. Walking around the San Frediano neighborhood the other night, we passed a bright, adorable storefront with a clever name, "Merenda in Sartoria" (Afternoon Snack at the Seamstress'). Peeking in, we found a group of joyful people busy at sewing work stations, chatting away while working on interesting projects and learning new techniques. 

Merenda in Sartoria was founded as a place to relax and have fun, while at the same time learning or honing in on your sewing skills. The studio's philosophy is centered on community building, and organizes a wide range of events and classes for all levels... And some of them are really clever. For example, tomorrow (March 3, 2016) Merenda in Sartoria is hosting a "Stitch 'N Bitch" session in English (whoever came up with that clever title is a marketing genius). 

We walked in to get more information about the space, and the group of ladies busy at work couldn't stop raving about their experiences. Plus, they looked like they were having such a great time with a seriously contagious energy.

We are definitely planning on taking one of their upcoming classes, and look forward to having a snack while learning how to sew in Florence. 

Merenda in Sartoria, Via del Drago d'Oro 11R, Tel. 338-95-89205