Lottozero/Textile Laboratories


Prato is a city located just about an hour from Florence historically known for its rich textile history. Unfortunately, though, over the last two decades, the city's artisanal approach has fallen to the wayside thanks to large factories run by Chinese workers producing in mass quantities, with little or no creative substance.   

Trying to preserve and nourish the rich textile tradition of the city, sisters Tessa and Arianna Moroder have taken over an abandoned warehouse and are renovating it to create Lottozero/Textile Laboratories, a space "dedicated to research, experimentation, prototyping, and the exchange of information in the field of textiles and beyond." 

Open to designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, Lottozero will provide its resident and visiting designers with machinery for textile design, studios aimed at facilitating conversation and collaboration, as well as as an exhibition space for related shows and events open to the public. 

The fabulous ladies are asking for the world to give them a hand in moving this great project forward with a Kickstarter campaign. As incentives for good-will and more importantly for supporting creativity, donors can get their hands on gorgeous limited edition scarves conceptualized by the sisters themselves, along with others designed in collaboration with artists such as Anna Deflorian and Coralie Prévert.

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to end on May 17, so be sure to support this noble passion project, which is slated to open in June of this year. We can't wait to visit!