Gucci for Kiddies

Back to school is well under way! And with most little devils back in their seasonal jail cells by now, adults everywhere can rejoice in regaining the free time to sip on lattes at ease.

Everyone knows that kids are best appreciated only once full adulthood has been reached, so we may as well as start dressing them as adults from the very onset. We picked two looks we loved from the Italian powerhouse Gucci's current season, which would make a crying child much, much more tolerable.

Check them out below; all available on

Girl's Look:

  • Multicolor star jacquard short sleeve dress, $470
  • Cotton blend ribbed tights, $95
  • Leather chain wristlet, $365

Boy's Look: 

  • Stretch piquet polo shirt, $185
  • Stonewashed stretch denim skinny jean, $250 
  • Kid's suede fringed horse bit loafer, $380 
  • GC imprimé backback, $850