5 Questions With: El Salvador of Style

Meet Gerardo Dominguez. An El Salvadorian-born freelance hair & make up artist and all-around creative genius.

With a chair at the NYC Japanese hair salon Hoshi Coupe East Village, Gerardo is not only a master with the scissors and couture (he creates most of his own ensembles), but also doubles up as a personal therapist, confidante and all-around bundle of joy to be around.   

We dropped by this week to say hi and ask him five questions. 

How did you become involved in styling? 

I grew up in el Salvador listening to Madonna. My dream was to one day move to New York City to become a celebrity stylist and one day get to work with Madonna herself.

[Editor's note: this WILL happen] 

Where do you draw inspiration for your work? 

I generally draw inspiration from a mixture of things. For example, exotic birds and nature. I love exploring their unique colors and shapes as a way to get ideas for new and unique hair style dimensions. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I describe my style as "urban street fashion"... A mix of clothing. Without a definitive masculine or feminine gender as I combine both in a modern and elegant way. For me, gender doesn't exist if you truly know how to combine. 

What is your favorite hairstyling trend at the moment? 

For men, I like the Williamsburg effect ... Sharp and hipster. For women, I like sun-kissed highlights. Just a slight touch to bring out a client's natural beauty.   

If you were a prisoner on death row, what would be your last meal request?

I would probably order fresh red grapefruit juice, grilled tuna fish & pomegranate seeds with a little bit of spice and lime on the side, and a red quinoa salad.