Busatti Weavers: Elegant Fabrics for Centuries

Open the wrong door trying to get into the Church of San Niccolò in the eponymous area of Florence, and you may find yourself in the Busatti weavers' showroom, set in a jaw-dropping historic chapel.


With a long-steeped history in the little Tuscan town of Anghiari, the company began in the late 18th century when the Busatti family purchased Palazzo Morgalanti (dating back few centuries prior to that… the 16th to be exact). A series of interesting twist of historical events marked its future. Primarily, the arrival of the Napoleonic army forced the family to install a weaving mill at the Palazzo to make clothes and blankets for the soldiers. This helped push the family into endeavoring with artisanal fabrics and led the company to what it is today. The current business took shape in 1845 and has since weaved stunning fabrics in traditional and innovative patterns that dress elegantly-appointed homes both in Italy and abroad.

A visit to their showroom in Florence gives you a taste of just this, including a wide range of items like tablecloths featuring our personal favorite pattern featuring little crabs. Perfect for a beach home in Forte dei Marmi, for example! Busatti offers customers the possibility to purchase existing fabrics but, a much more fun alternative, to create bespoke designs for your home or office. All weaved with the same machinery and technology from the last century at Palazzo Morgalanti itself. 

Busatti Showroom, Via San Niccolò 48,  +39-055-263-8516