Don't Forget Your Roots

The very first Ritz hotel was financed in part by Louis-Alexandre Manier La Postelle, a dear friend of Ritz founder, Cesar Ritz. Louis-Alexandre Manier also just so happened to have invented the liqueur Grand Manier. 

With such a sweet heritage, Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts put out a challenge whereby 20 pastry chefs from leading properties were asked to create a recipe for a keepsake cake that guests could purchase as souvenirs and take home. The winner? Yusuke Aoki of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

Aoki’s  “Signature Ritz-Carlton Cake” is a long, rectangular chocolate cake with ingredients made for the Gods: layers of chocolate, bitter caralment, orange ganage with candied fruit and Grand Manier. Check out the video below on how the cake was developed. The cake is now available at all of the Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide for purchase.