Exiled Heart Attack

Shortly after the Fidel Castro takeover of Cuba, a group of exiled islanders set up one of the few authentic tried-and-true Cuban restaurants in Miami still left standing today, Puerto Sagua.

Founded in 1962, the no fuss establishment hasn't updated its furnishings (or waiters) since the 1970s... nor has the menu. The outstanding traditional home-cooked Cuban dishes are hearty and affordable alternatives to the hoards of trendy and overpriced tourist traps on Miami Beach.

Ideal meal on a rainy Florida day when there's zero chance of anyone seeing you in a bathing suit? Croquetas (croquettes), Ropa Vieja (shredded beef, black beans, rice and fried sweet plantains) all topped off by a heart-attack inducing Flan de Coco (coconut flan) and a little Cortadito (a Cuban version of a macchiato with loads of sugar added) to help with the digestion.