Review: Piatti e Fagotti


Mouth-watering. That is the sensation we got as soon as a plate with larger-than-life torellis landed on our table, smothered in a hand-made ragù that would put any nonna in Italy to shame. This happened to us at Piatti e Fagotti, a traditional trattoria located in the outskirts of Florence, in the two-street town of San Domenico. 

An easy stop for lunch or dinner on the way to the ever-so-touristy but gorgeous Fiesole, the restaurant changes its menu every day, based on what their team finds in the markets that day. Written on chalkboards around the restaurant, the dishes listed range from traditional pastas, to Tuscan favorites (papa al pomodoro) and meats (bisteca alla Fiorentina), to a much less traditional dish of burger with potato chips. All equally delicious, though. 

The atmosphere also adds to the charm of the place, which is "shabby chic" at best, peppered with antique pots, pans and kitchen utensils on the wall, all brought together visually with a chandelier with a strong yet delicate presence. 

If eating a full meal at the restaurant isn't satisfying enough, a room adjacent to it gives diners the opportunity to purchase read-made meals at their gastronomia, as well as other authentic products to take home. 

Piatti e Fagotti is one of the best places to eat we've found in the area. And don't miss the always-empty Convent of San Domenico a few steps down which - built in 1435 - houses some gorgeous masterworks by the likes of Fra Angelico. 

Piatti e Fagotti, Via Delle Fontanelle, San Domenico, Tel. +39 055 5276764