Tuscan Chocolate For Dinner

Last night, Alisú skipped dinner and attended an intimate chocolate tasting featuring Manhattan newcomer Amedei chocolates. With origins in Tuscany, the fine chocolates are handcrafted by Cecilia Tessieri, the first female maître chocolatier in the world, who oversees the entire production process from bean to bar.  

The event was hosted by Francine Segan, an energetic and gracious food historian, Italian gastronomy expert and cookbook author. With an intriguing discussion on the history of chocolate (thank you, Christopher Columbus), guests sampled different Amedei chocolate variations available at their new store in the Flatiron District, alongside some unique savory dishes made with cacao (think white chocolate cauliflower soup). 

At the chic store, customers can expect delectable single-origin chocolate bars from exotic countries such as Peru, Venezuela, and Madagascar, bars with traditional Italian flavors such as Gianduja, and mouth-watering mixed-favored bars such as white chocolate with pistachio, and cocoa with peaches and apricots. The store also offers jars of "Crema Toscana" hazelnut and chocolate spreads worth eating with practically anything edible. 

Amedei's website also happens to be an excellent resource for cocoaphiles, filled with beautiful imagery, recipes, and information about chocolate tastings and other events happening in New York City and beyond.

We're still on a sugar high from last night and are dying for more! 

(Photo credit: Amedei)