Saving Salvador Dali

In the early 1920s, Salvador Dali began creating surrealist works of art, eventually evolving into the masterpieces we love and are perplexed by today. Recently, the genius artist's earliest known surrealist work was identified. The piece, The Intrautirine Birth of Salvador Dali, was painted in 1921 when the artist was only 17 years old.

Purchased in 1988 for a whopping $200 at a Spanish antique shop, the painting eventually made its way to the collection of art historian Tomeu L'Amo, who - convinced the piece was an original Dali - confirmed his suspicions by numerous experts on the subject.

Even though the final seal of approval is pending from the artist's foundation, Tomeu wasted no time in selling the painting to a buyer for an undisclosed sum (we speculate millions)... And they say patience is a virtue.