Public/Private Viewing

Most people likely have the perception of Christie's as selling artworks attainable only by the mega-rich. Perhaps at one point that was the case, but in recent years, the world-renowned auction house has opened its virtual doors to create an ongoing series of unique and surprisingly affordable online sales. This week, Christie's is putting on a beautifully-curated sale titled "The Resort Collection: Prints by Massimo Vitali."

Did anyone say "summer"?!

The contemporary Italian photographer is known for creating powerful compositions that examine the masses at play. Some of his best-known images - up for sale this week - transmit enchanting and evocative feelings by juxtaposing serene landscapes against anxiety-inducing crowds. The viewer's imagination runs wild while exploring the pieces' infinite details, raising questions about our escapist rituals, and even at a more basic level, what the subjects' stories are.  

With bids starting as low as $700, these unique pieces are undoubtedly within reach, and would without question make for an interesting conversation piece at a vacation home. Or at a very cool office. Start bidding - you have until April 2 to win.