James Murphy just can't sit still. The man behind the now-retired LCD Soundsystem (arguably the best band of the 2000s) is turning to the New York City underground as his next revolutionary project with "Subway Symphony."

When James heard the MTA is planning to transform turnstiles into a tap-and-ride system instead of a swipe, he thought long and hard about the harsh sounds these archaic machines make.

He said, "There's a missing opportunity at the turnstile. Why don't we just make it ... Pleasant?" In his proposal, by working with the MTA on the new tap-and-ride system, James would help code the turnstiles with different notes assigned to each swipe, speed, frequency, etc. all coming together to "make something beautiful in a place that seems unlikely." 

We wonder. Has James thought about how this will sound when juxtaposed with the noises emanating from annoying street performers a la mandolin players on Canal Street? Oh lord.