Where's Your Head At?

In the 1700s, the Catholic church in the town of Hallstatt, Austria began to run out of space in its cemeteries. As a solution - and sort of common practice at the time - bodies would be allowed to lay in a tomb for 10-15 years before being exhumed, bleached in the sun and subsequently placed in an ossuary. 

Today, you can visit Hallstatt Beinhaus, a creepy crypt located behind the church that holds an eerie collection of over 1,200 skulls from the cemetery dating from the 1700s all the way up to 1995, when the last skull was set into place, belonging to a woman who died in 1983. 

In keeping with the town's tradition, the heads were intricately arranged next those of family members and loved ones, and decorated with the deceased's name and birth/death date surrounded by delicate designs.