How to Fill a Room with Brazil's Millionaires

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil! This summer, everything seems to be about this tropical way-south-of-the-border nation. But it's not all about balls being kicked around on a field. 

White Cube - the massive London contemporary art gallery recently set up shop with an equally massive space in São Paulo. Even though the gallery may not be able to hold all of the country's new monied billionaires, there's certainly enough room to mingle with some interesting locals and admire works of art from leading global artists.

Currently on view at White Cube São Paulo is "Lions and Unicorns" - the latest exhibit from Gary Hume. The London and upstate New York based artist is known for his work across a variety of mediums depicting contemporary subjects with high-gloss paint. In "Lions and Unicorns," Gary explores themes of childhood and pieces that respond to memories from his own past.

"Lions and Unicorns" is on view through August 23.