Greco-Roman Sensibilities

The CaixaForum cultural and community center in Barcelona currently has a fascinating exhibit on view that explores the development of the Mediterranean sense of identity that still permeates Southern Europe today.

"Mediterranean: From Myth to Reason" explores the classical Greco-Roman empires' shift of consciousness from a mythical based culture that worshiped and represented bigger-than-life deities to an inter-connected region that pursued the understanding of the human condition through democracy, region and - ultimately - art.

On view through June 15, the exhibition presents 165 themed works of Greek and Roman art, which includes the usual suspects: pottery, frescos, mosaics and jewels, all in collaboration with Europe's most renowned cultural institutions. The installation also contains a virtual reconstruction of Athens' Agora built in the 5-4th centuries B.C.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.57.27 PM.png

The Academy of Plato, Pompeii, 110-80 B.C.