Power to the People

Since their inception in the late 1990s, British electronic dance duo Basement Jaxx has consistently put out albums that push musical boundaries. With addictive beats and a unique fusion of sounds and musical styles from around the world, the band's powerful music makes even the stiffest of bodies move. 

And now, the group is taking the "We are the World" concept to a whole new level. The innovative duo is creating a global collaboration for "Power to the People," which in our opinion is the most addictive single on their recently released album, Junto. 

The PowerToThePeople.fm project asks creators of any level from around the world to reinterpret this song through varied stylistic instrumental, vocal, dance, or visual traditions. The submissions will be remixed and bound together to create a second version of the song, which will be released on September 21st - World Peace Day. Profits from the song will be donated to charity. 

Naturally, a great cause and idea for a song that celebrates understanding and collaboration featuring the distinctive powerful vocals, contagious beats and overall feel-good vibe Basement Jaxx is known for.

Check out the track below, along with some of the more unique contributions the band is sharing on the initiative's website.